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Welcome to my website

My name is Oscar Havard

I was born 21st of January 1956 in Budapest-Hungary.

I did start with painting end of the 80's with impressionism style. 

I did live in Paris for 60 years, where all my experiences, and techniques got live on my artworks.

For a year I did teach and practised colouring technique in one of the Parisian art school

What I taught in the Ecole d'art in Nancy.

In the beginning I started with landscapes until I found myself in Surrealism art. I tried to mix this style  with nature and myself.

All of my 10 years inspiration, feelings, and experience comes through my art, what brought me to my very first successful exhibition in the USA.

After several exhibitions I got lots of orders for paintings, renovations, restorations.

I only use oil paintings on maximum dimensions.

At the moment I live in Budapest, where I still paint, work, and looking for opportunities to express myself.

Thank You to visit my profile, and I hope that If you like my work you will get in touch with me with any question you might have.

thank you very much.

Kind Regards Oscar H..

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